When I was growing up, all my friends could always find a keychain or pencil with their name on it. But there was never one for me—my name was spelled Elisa. And since I followed in the footsteps of unique names, there didn't seem to be much for my kids either—Chase and Mack (my husband Mike, on the other hand, has tons to choose from)!

So I decided to find great personalized products that could be made for anyone, any age, with any name, initial or monogram. From clothing to flip flops, home goods, accessories, stationery and more, the products I offer are unique and fashionable, but also functional. We have a personalized gift to celebrate every occasion!

What you see on the website is just a sampling of some of the fun items we have for sale. We are always updating our lines and if you have any suggestions for other personalized products, please let us know—we love new ideas!

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